Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back from a fun trip

We are back in Colorado after a great trip to Ohio. Marshall's 50th class reunion was fun. Then we spent Sunday at his sister's house and the whole family showed up (lots of nieces and nephews and great-nieces and great-nephews, etc). Good food and lots of laughs. His great-niece Tammy is like a stand-up comedian. It was great.
I'm not good at family trees, but I believe all of these youngsters (above) are Marshall's great-great-nieces and nephews.

And these (above) are the great nieces and nephews (along with sister Audrey). Tammy is on the left in the front row. I could listen to her stories all day.
And these (above) are the nieces and nephews.

And then there's me and Marshall and Audrey.

When we got back to Colorado we spent the night in Denver so Marshall could see the dentist at the University Hospital. Things sure have changed since Marshall got his first dentures 15 years ago. Back then, they took an impression and then boom, you came back and got the dentures.

This dentist is going to take 5 visits to perfect the impression and then he gets the dentures. We have high hopes that this will work.

Today Marshall saw his primary care doctor at his new offices in Florence, Colorado, so we are back on track with him, thank goodness. Marshall's oxygen levels have been good so for now all he needs is oxygen at night like he's been doing.

And between yesterday and today we have seen 3 scorpions in the house. I will be sleeping with the lights on for a while..... I have read that spreading food grade diatomaceous earth around the house inside and out will get rid of them. I have ordered a 50-pound bag of the stuff.

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