Friday, June 6, 2014

We made it to Ohio

We came to Ohio for Marshall's 50th class reunion and to visit his sister and to have a small family reunion.

It was a great test of how well we will get through the airport with him in a wheelchair and with all of his medications. The wheelchair thing worked great -- he got taken to the head of every line and I got to ride on his coattails. So we got through security very quickly.  The girl pushing the wheelchair just kept calling out, "Wheelchair coming through, wheelchair coming through...."

However, my carryon bag got picked out for a thorough check -- I thought it was because it was full of medications, but instead it was because I brought along a can of hairspray and that is a no-no. So we threw that away and were allowed to move on.

I hate to fly, but today's flight was uneventful, smooth and on time. Very little stress.

We got to Detroit, got a rental car and now we are in Ohio all settled in. Tomorrow is the class reunion. Sunday is the family get-together. Monday is a day of rest and Tuesday we go back to Colorado where we will get a hotel in Denver and spend the night so Marshall can see the dentist at the University Hospital on Wednesday. Then we head home.

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