Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We have a new neighbor

Well, the thing I dreaded has happened. Someone bought the parcel of land that borders ours, which means that after living a hermit life out here for the past 10 years, we now have a neighbor who will be almost as close as houses are on a city block. He stopped and introduced himself today and he seems like a very nice young man, but that doesn't help.

He owns a coffee shop in Denver called The Amsterdam. I Googled it and it looks like a cool coffee shop. He has purple hair and he travels with two cats (being an animal lover is a plus, I guess).

We live at the very end of a half mile road and that means there is never any traffic up here. But now there will be.

On the plus side, if we ever do have to move for health reasons, it will be much easier to accept.

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