Monday, July 7, 2014

My epiphyllum is blooming!

We've been more or less fighting fear and depression this past week -- but I think we are doing a decent job of staying as positive as we can while waiting until July 16 for the next PSA test.

Our new neighbor has been camping on his property almost constantly and we are starting to get used to having him there -- but it is still difficult to see cars whiz by the bedroom window (he's been bringing family and friends down). He got down here last night after dark and we somehow didn't see him drive by. We had our front door open and were watching TV and he appeared at the door rather suddenly to ask if he would give him some water -- he scared the daylights out of us. I don't think he will do that again -- after all, Colorado does have the "make my day" law and everyone back in the mountains feels very strongly about the right to bear arms.

On another note, about 4 years ago I bought a small plant -- a succulent called epiphyllum -- and it has flourished here. It has grown into a plant about 4 feet tall with branches going everywhere and it is absolutely bizarre and delightful. The other day I noticed it had 6 blooms on it. Today several of those blooms opened and the flowers are HUGE and gorgeous. Marshall and I both got excited about it and took pictures. It was a great diversion!

Marshall has an appointment with the dentist at the cancer center on Wednesday. He's going to have to go by himself this time because Whirlpool is finally going to replace our refrigerator and Wednesday was the only day they could deliver it. So I'll be at home waiting for the fridge. We are very much looking forward to having a working refrigerator again.

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