Monday, March 10, 2014


On Friday, we got one of those wonderful Colorado spring snowstorms and we got a foot of snow. This year has been really good for moisture, so I hope that bodes well for the upcoming forest fire season.

Okie is still readjusting to being back home. Not sure what he encountered during those four days, but it stressed him out. He has a cold and is sneezing a lot. We went to the vet today and got some medicine.

Back when we were searching for him, I climbed up the mountain a bit to where we caught a glimpse of him and when I got up there I took a picture looking down at our house. It is about dead center in this picture, you'll have to look closely to see it.

Coco has to have surgery next Tuesday for bladder stones, poor baby. And Marlee is still recovering from his bacterial infection.

My office is almost done and it is beautiful. Tricia did a phenomenal job and she worked her butt off while she was here putting things together. It's not picture-ready yet, but it will be soon. (Tricia, thank you SO much...)

Marshall continues to have better energy with the use of oxygen at night. They are still adjusting the oxygen level to try to get the perfect setting, but it's really great. And at our visit to the cancer center this past week, the Nurse Practitioner increased Marshall's dosage of Protonix (stomach medication) to see if we can get a grip on the nausea that regularly hits him very suddenly.

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