Saturday, March 1, 2014

Redecorating my office

My daughter Tricia flew in on Thursday afternoon to finalize the redecorating of my office. We were looking forward to four days together and I considered this a great opportunity for some "me" time, which I BADLY need.

However, nothing ever goes as planned. Our dog Marlee got sick Thursday morning and we had to rush him over to the vet. So Tricia had to rent a car at the airport since we couldn't come and get her.

Her drive from Colorado Springs to Westcliffe was stressful because there was an unexpected short burst of snow and the roads were slick. But she did finally make it.

Marlee is on medication now for a clostridium infection, but he is still very mopey and not acting like himself.

Yesterday, Tricia and I painted my office and were having a pretty good time, but we had opened a window (just 4 inches) and at some point our cat Okie escaped through that little opening and we've all been going crazy trying to find him. We spent a lot of time walking through the woods with flashlights trying to find him with no luck. I am just sick about this. I've moved our couch over to the front window and I will be sleeping here with the patio lights on every night indefinitely so that if he comes home during the night, I can see him and get him in the house. Please say a few prayers for his safety.

Today, Tricia and I went to Colorado Springs to return her rental car and then we went to do some last minute shopping for accessories for my office. The weather again turned nasty and we drove through some awful fog.

When we got back home, we annoyed Marshall and he's mad at us, so my much awaited "me" time has turned into "even-more-stressful-than-usual" time.

But, as Tricia says, if I end up with an awesome newly decorated office, it will all have been worth it.

Tomorrow we will go through all the stuff I have "hoarded" over the last two years and start organizing my office. Then on Monday he contractor will be back for some finishing touches and then Tricia and I will finish getting all of the furniture in the office and we should have a finished product. (Photos to follow...)

I have my fingers crossed that Okie comes back tomorrow and that Sunday and Monday go much more smoothly,

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