Monday, March 3, 2014

Okie still has not come home

Marshall and I are devastated. We look for Okie every day and we leave all the lights on all night, as well as patio light and deck light. We keep the garage open with blankets right inside the door.. We have put Okie's favorite rug on the patio so hopefully he can smell it. We put his litterbox on the patio. At feeding time, we put his food and water out on the patio. And we are making sure someone is home at all times.

We go up to the cancer center on Wednesday and we'll hire our dogsitter to stay here and watch for Okie.

This will be the third night he's been gone. I am sleeping again with the couch pulled up against the windows so I can see the patio. I can't think of anything else to do.

Tricia and I made great headway on my office today and we are tired. Tomorrow the contractor comes to put in a new window and then Tricia and I will bring everything back into the office and get it all finished.

Please say a prayer that Okie will come back home.

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