Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Okie is back home!

What a good day this was. When we left for the cancer center, we put a bunch of our dirty clothes in the garage along with Okie's favorite pillow and his bed and some blankets.

Our dogsitter told us that Okie slowly approached the garage around 3:30 today and she convinced him to go into the garage. She closed the door and trapped him in the garage. She took food and water to him. He hid under the Prius and wouldn't come out. When Marshall and I got home, Gina and I were able to convince him to come out and we brought him in the house.

He was dirty and VERY hungry. He walked around the house to be sure everything was where he left it (LOL) and he kissed the dogs and now he's on my lap sleeping.

In addition, Marshall's checkup today was another excellent one.


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