Friday, March 21, 2014


Well, this morning (after another night of him getting up to pee every hour and a half), I took him out around 6:30 and he was walking fine. All of a sudden he started walking sideways and his rear legs gave out.

We rushed him over to the vet (40 miles away) with me barely dressed, no combed hair, no brushed teeth. First of all, one of his stitches, the one that is holding the penis in its sheath (OUCH), came loose. So she put a new suture in. But she was very concerned about the walking sideways thing and the legs giving out.

The walking sideways could be from pain and he could be favoring one side over another until the pain starts subsiding and everything heals. But the legs giving out...not sure about that. So she took a movie of Coco walking and sent it off to a neurological guy in Denver and we are at home now waiting to see if we need to rush Coco up to Denver for a consult with neurology. The guy she picked happens to be the guy who did Coco's back surgery in 2005, so he kind of has a record on Coco.

Marshall felt good today and was energetic throughout all of this.

He picked up his new "tester" CPAP machine today. He will need to use it for two weeks to see if they can solve his nighttime oxygen problem.

That's today's story.....

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