Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Update on emergency services

Yesterday we spoke to someone who is "in the know" here in town and he tells us that the article in the paper about the emergency services being discontinued here in Custer County was meant to cause an uproar and was maybe politically motivated. Our source told us that he does not think there's any chance that we will lose emergency services. So we will see how this plays out.

The carpenters (Ray and Jerry) came today and started work on my office. The new floor is over halfway done and it is going to be gorgeous. Pictures will follow when it is done. They also do fire mitigation and when they finish with my office we are going to have them cut out any trees that would pose a danger to the house in the event of a wildfire. I believe that means anything within 15 feet of the house has to go. I hate to lose the trees, but the fire danger trumps everything.

Marshall has been feeling off-and-on yukky. Little aches and pains that just seem to pile on top of the cancer issues. He has rotator cuff issues with his left shoulder that is very painful and his primary care doctor says to just try to rest it for a while. He also says his legs have been giving out on him when he's trying to get up out of a chair.

Today he went to Canon City (I stayed home with Ray and Jerry) to have his CPAP machine checked out and tonight he needs to sleep with an oxygen monitor to see if he might need to have oxygen at night.

And thank you all for responding with regard to dispensing medications with my bare hands. It is 100% unanimous that there is no danger to me if I dispense pills with my hands, but there is a possible danger to Marshall if I don't wash my hands before giving him the medications -- I could contaminate the pills. I will be more careful from here on.

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