Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm starting to show the stress...

We were really smart to leave Monday for Denver -- the roads were great and we missed the next snowstorm that was coming in.

So we got to our hotel around 5:00 on Monday and got checked in and were fairly relaxed.  I pulled out Marshall's bag of medications so I could get Tuesday's cancer meds all ready and realized that I didn't bring the cancer pills!!! I had one day's supply, so enough to cover Tuesday, but I didn't bring anything for Wednesday and Thursday.  How could that happen? My stomach was in knots and I felt so awful.

After I settled down a little bit I called our neighbor Cathy (she and her husband Dave are two people that we really take advantage of, but they are absolute lifesavers).  My brain was a bit scattered but Cathy said she would go over to our house, get the pills, and overnight them to us.  She did that yesterday and I am waiting right now for the overnight delivery to arrive.  (Cathy and Dave, I know when your phone rings and you see my name in the caller ID you probably want to scream, but you have been a godsend to us throughout this past two years and we will try to figure out a way to thank you properly!)

Yesterday Marshall had all of his scans and while we were at the hospital, I realized that I had neglected to bring along a few other items that would have made the day go a bit easier for Marshall.  I really thought I had planned everything out pretty well since this was going to be a longer-than-usual visit.  But I dropped the ball a lot, so I was feeling pretty deflated yesterday.

While we were at the hospital, we stopped in the oncologist's office to see if it would be possible to get a two-day supply of the cancer meds at the hospital pharmacy and I guess these drugs are monitored very closely and the hospital doesn't even carry them, they have to be ordered.  Our oncologist wasn't in, so the nurse spoke to Dr. Glode and he said that missing two days of the meds -- if it came to that -- would not be the end of the world.  He talked about the "half life" of the meds, which I have never understood.

But we got through the day and we will get the results of the tests on Thursday.  Today while I am waiting for the delivery of the cancer medications, Marshall has an appointment with the psychologist.  Then the rest of today there is nothing else planned.

PS:  I was just gathering together the instructions that the radiology technicians gave Marshall yesterday and one of them says, in big letters, "if you take Metformin for diabetes, you must not take it for 48 hours after this test, it could be dangerous!"  Of course, I didn't see that paperwork yesterday because coffee spilled on it and we had the all papers laid out to dry, and last night I gave him all his regular pills, which included Metformin.  GOOD GRIEF!!!  It would be great if Marshall's mindset would be such that he would help me with these types of temporary instructions, but his stress level is pretty high when we come to the Cancer Center and he has to concentrate on just keeping calm.

Now I am sitting here looking at his pills for today trying to figure out which one is Metformin so I don't give him any more. I don't bring all the bottles because that would require a bigger vehicle (lol).  I think I can go on the internet to see what various pills look like, so that's where I'm headed.  In the meantime, I am looking at Marshall (still asleep) and all appears to be well.

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