Thursday, February 6, 2014

Front page of Westcliffe newspaper

When we got home from Denver, we picked up our mail, which included the weekly edition of one of our local newspapers.

The front page story was a surprising shocker. The county no longer has funds for the ambulance service and it is looking like within as short a time as three weeks, there will no longer be ambulance service here. In addition, the local clinic is floundering and may not make it another year.

If this plays out the way the paper reported it, it will force quite a few people to leave here in order to be closer to emergency services. Obviously, this will mean we will have to definitely make some hard choices. Marshall absolutely has to be near emergency services.

In a county of only about 4000 people (and only about 400 or 500 people in the town of Westcliffe), it is hard to even imagine what will become of this area.

More on this as the story plays out. But YIKES!!

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