Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cancer Center

Tomorrow morning we head up to Denver to the Cancer Center and we will be there almost all week. Our dogsitter will be here all week to take care of the boys.

Marshall is going to have all of his tests re-done. Tuesday he will have a CT scan and a full body bone scan.

Wednesday he sees the psychologist.

Thursday morning he gets lab work done and then Thursday afternoon we see the oncologist to get the results of all the tests.

The good part is that there will be a lot of down time so hopefully we can look at it as a little getaway. But the bad part is that he will probably be a little stressed out waiting for results, so who knows if it will feel like a getaway to him.

We'll get back home Thursday night and then Friday we take Coco back to the vet for his x-rays and lab work to see if he needs surgery. I should be ready for the Funny Farm by Friday night!!

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