Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wildfires and Snow

Tomorrow we head up to the University for Marshall's next treatment.  We'll have to take a detour to get out of here because the fire at Wetmore still has the roads closed.  It is now up to 1200 acres and 14 homes have burned.  They have evacuated the entire town of Wetmore and the fire is still not contained.  I sure hope they get it under control, it's so sad.

They predictions of snow for tomorrow are now calling for one to five inches.  We will be taking the truck with the 4-wheel drive just in case.

One of my friends here in Westcliffe -- only about 63 or 64 years old -- died yesterday in her sleep.  That is such a shock.  I still can't believe it.  My prayers go out to her family, both here and back in St. Louis.

And here is a picture of Marshall and two of the boys relaxing in their La-Z-Boy.  And Marshall's hair continues to grow....

Marshall, Okie and Coco

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