Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still experiencing some side effects

Yesterday, Marshall was still experiencing fatigue and hot flashes. We went to town to get the motorcycle (we left it at a friend's business in town when we got back last week until we could secure it in the trailer good enough to endure the several miles of extreme "washboard" road leading to our house). So yesterday, Marshall and his friend Pat attached some 2x4's in the trailer so that the trike wouldn't move around in the trailer on the ride home. We went to lunch and then came home, unloaded the trike, and then Marshall rested.

Today he had an appointment with the ophthalmologist in Canon City and by the time we got home he was having pain and discomfort in his legs. A few Tylenol seemed to settle it down a bit but not enough to really do anything.

He's been keeping in touch with his daughter Tanya (in Richmond, Virginia) and while she was totally prepared for the possible problems of Hurricane Sandy (she had food, water and flashlights), Virginia only suffered high winds and minimal power outages. So she and the grandkids weathered it okay.

Tomorrow he has an appointment to get a haircut. He hasn't had to do that in many years. It will be a novel experience.

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