Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Busy Day

Today we drove up to Colorado Springs to pick the motorcycle up -- and it appears that the satellite radio might actually be fixed this time. It will take a few more rides to be sure.

The weather was a little cold in the morning but it warmed up during the day, and Marshall felt good all day long!

On the way home, as we approached Wetmore, the road was closed because of a wildfire, so we had to backtrack and go another route about 20 miles out of our way. The fire is about 30 miles from our house and when we got home (finally) we checked the news and the fire has already burned about 800 acres. They are evacuating people and several structures have been destroyed. Don't know the cause of the fire yet. But it was incredibly windy today which doesn't help in fighting the fire.

Tomorrow should be a quiet day and then Thursday we head up to the University, hopefully in dry ... not snowy ... weather.

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