Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tomorrow is "test" day

Tomorrow morning we leave early to head up to the University Hospital for several hours worth of tests (CT, bone scan) to see where things stand in comparison to the tests done in March/April.  We will be spending the night at a nearby hotel and then Thursday morning we go in for lab work (another PSA test) and then we see the oncologist for the results of all the tests.

Marshall was in a really good frame of mind today and is going to try to maintain that outlook through the next two days!  (But Donna, we will have your number with us in case he needs to talk....)

Send good thoughts our way -- I will report back on Friday.

And here is a link to a really good article that was in the USA Today on October 1st titled "Men Have More Options In Prostate Cancer Treatments."  It tells the story of a man who is in his 23rd year of fighting advanced prostate cancer and describes all of the new and successful treatments that are available today.


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