Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend visitor

Marshall's nephew (actually great-nephew) Kevin came down for the weekend.  He and his fiance live in the Aurora area and he told us that he and Angie came very close to going to the Batman movie over the weekend.  They decided not to go because Angie was heading to Minnesota on Saturday morning.  Close call.

So Angie went out of town and Kevin came to visit us for a nice "relaxing" weekend.  He brought wine which we enjoyed on the deck.  I enjoyed it way too much.
Kevin and Marshall
Then he cooked dinner -- he is a fabulous cook!  Part of it he cooked in the kitchen and part on the grill.

And then on Sunday he fixed our roof for us (getting anyone in Westcliffe to come out to fix anything is a near impossibility).  Recent storms ripped a few shingles off.

Fixing the roof.
I slept in this morning and Marshall took Kevin to breakfast and then Kevin headed back up to Aurora.

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