Friday, July 20, 2012

Arkansas River

Today we had to transport a newly-neutered kitten from the vet to the kitten's owner over in Howard, so we made a day of it and spent some time on the river watching the white water rafters zipping by.   Marshall says he would like to try this, so I imagine you will see photos of us having fun on the river in the not too distant future.

 And at some point during the day Marshall noticed that hair was growing on his bald head.  Can you believe that?  I did some research and can't come up with anything that indicates hormone therapy will cause hair growth.  This is wild -- let's see if the picture I took shows it well enough.
Hair growth caused by hormone therapy?  Really?

And on the sad note of the day, we are thinking about and praying for the families of the victims up in Aurora.  The University of Colorado Hospital is where Marshall goes for his treatments -- that's where the shooter went to school and that's where most of the wounded were taken for treatment.  What a very sad and tragic day in Aurora.

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