Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another visit to the motorcycle

We went to visit the motorcycle again today.  The tank is pretty much done, except for clear-coating, and Tom has started on a fender.  He put the US flag on the tank blending in with the POW artwork.  The flag is very very subtle -- almost like a hologram -- so that it kind of appears and disappears depending on how you are looking at it.  And the illusions will be more intense after the clear coating.

Then he finished air-brushing the scorpion (Marshall's squadron patch) on a fender and we got to watch the air-brushing ... that was cool.
The Harley's tank with the oh-so-subtle flag.  This flag will extend onto one of the side panels of the Harley.

Tom is airbrushing the scorpion on a fender.

The completed scorpion.

Tom and Marshall discussing the remainder of the design.

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