Monday, July 16, 2012


Below are pictures of how the veggies look as of today.  This is very exciting for me -- I've never had a garden before.  And not only is it healthy food, it keeps my mind occupied and off of some of the sadness that can creep in.

My job is wonderful, too.  That, more than anything else, is a sense of "normalcy."

And I'm diving back into making jewelry and doing crafts shows, etc.  When Marshall gets the motorcycle back, he will be totally occupied with that, so it will be his mental escape.

The hot flashes have started to die down a bit, but he's been so fatigued.  It's like a double edged sword:  the fatigue is mainly caused by the lack of testosterone but the whole goal of his treatment is to kill the testosterone.  When he has the motorcycle he is able to count on adrenaline a bit more and push the fatigue aside for long periods of time.

Cherry tomatoes

Two green beans


Zucchini (I figured if I couldn't grow zucchini, I should give up...)


Hard for me to see it now, but this is the starting of a cucumber!

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