Thursday, May 17, 2012

Marshall's dental appointment went well

The dentist agreed to squeeze Marshall in today (after we missed yesterday's appointment). This was the appointment that the oncologist wanted him to have before he begins the Zgeva bone strengthener in July. Once the Xgeva is started he will not be able to get dental work done because the Xgeva can cause jaw problems. The oncologist wanted Marshall to get any needed dental work done now.

But happily, the dentist said everything looked good and no work is necessary.

Then I had my appointment with the dentist and I have a salivary gland infection. How weird. So I had to drive over to Canon City to get an antibiotic prescription filled. We sure are having our fill of doctors.

On another note, the greenhouse is still doing really well. Nothing else has died and everything looks healthy. It will be so awesome if we are able to successfully grow our own veggies. Tomorrow I'll try to take a few photos.

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