Tuesday, May 1, 2012


When I wrote last night's entry, I forgot to mention the whole diet thing.  We asked Dr. Flaig about the importance of diet and he kind of made an "air chart" where he put medication across the very top of the chart and across the very bottom he put diet, exercise, supplements, etc.

He said that diet actually had more of an effect before you get cancer.  Once the cancer is diagnosed, though, he believes diet plays a valid but very small part of the picture.  He advised that Marshall follow a heart-healthy diet and don't worry about totally cutting out red meat or dairy or sugar, but enjoy everything in moderation.  He said that lots of fruits and veggies and more fish and chicken and less red meat meat are always a good thing whether you have cancer or not.  And keeping a healthy weight.

We brought a whole list of questions with us this time and I had typed the questions up in an outline with headings like Diet, Exercise, Side Effects and then I had the questions as bullet point lists under each heading.  When Dr. Flaig was saying goodbye to us, he said he really appreciated the concise and efficient way we asked the questions.  That was my Bartlit Beck training coming through.  How cool!

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