Friday, May 11, 2012

Back pain on another snowy day

Snowing like crazy again, not sure if it will amount to anything.  It appears to be sticking right now.  But it certainly wasn't a day to go for a trike ride!

Marshall woke up this morning with back pain, right in the lower center of the back where one of the cancer lesions resides.  Plus the hot flashes are hitting him a lot at night and he's not getting much sleep.  So it's a down kind of day.  So I'm kind of thankful we have snow today so he wouldn't be tempted to go out and ride with this back pain.

The greenhouse is still doing pretty good.  Nothing else has bit the dust yet.  Just one tomato plant so far.

I went to lunch with a friend in Westcliffe today and after lunch we went shopping -- as much shopping as a person can do in tiny Westcliffe:  the Family Dollar store and a thrift store.  A really nice couple of hours.  I bought a hilarious Tazmanian Devil telephone for $8.  I'm not going to use him as an actual phone because I don't want to give up my wireless phones, but he does have a "demo" button.  You press the button and he rolls his eyes and waves his arms and yells things like, "Answer the phone," "It's for you!", and he does a lot of growling.  This is going to be good for a bunch of laughs.

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