Monday, February 9, 2015

Marshall is out of surgery

I just spoke to the doctor and Marshall is out of surgery ( it's 8:15P and the surgery started at 5:15P).

The doctor said it went really well and there were no surprises (which he said was a very good thing). He said they removed the tumor "cleanly" and that the screws went in nicely. I believe they also put some "cement" in to strengthen the bones. He said the cement was calcium something-or-other.

He said that until the spine calms down Marshall will be in a lot of pain so he will have one of those pain pumps so he can control his own pain medication.

They will be putting him in what the doctor called a "step down" room. He said that was between ICU and a regular room -- he felt Marshall needed a day or two of extra care.

When Marshall leaves the hospital (in about five days) he will be wearing a brace and he won't be allowed to bend, lift or twist for 3 months. I told the doctor that should be interesting because Marshall is a restless sleeper and sometimes his bed looks like it's been hit with a tornado!

He will be sent to off-site rehab -- we think he may go back to the VA Nursing Home for rehab which would be nice.

In a month or two he will have something called radiofrequency ablation (I will need to get a better handle on what that is) and then he will also have some more sessions of regular spot radiation. So there are still some tough times coming, but if the spinal pain has been removed, he should be able to handle everything else very nicely. We are very excited about this.

Our oncologist called to say that he thinks this surgery was definitely the thing to do and we would revisit further cancer treatment as soon as we settle down from all of this.

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