Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Marshall had a birthday

Marshall celebrated his birthday on Super Bowl Sunday. A friend came over and we piled up in the bedroom (Marshall can't sit in a chair for very long) and watched the game. We didn't win any money in the football pool, but it was a good game and halftime was great.

Marshall's back pain simply will not get better. We thought we got a handle on it by giving him some Aleve along with his other pain meds but it's been an up and down battle. He hasn't really been able to get out of bed, which is worrisome, but he is still managing to do some of the exercises. If his back permits he starts physical therapy here in town next week when we get back from the cancer center.

He's now been having trouble with his feet and lower legs. We are going to get an appointment with his endocrinologist to be sure nothing weird is going on with the diabetes.

Thursday he sees his VA doctor to try to get the medications all caught up.

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