Sunday, February 8, 2015

Back to the emergency room

To recap -- a week ago Marshall started losing feeling in his feet; then it went up to his knees and then yesterday up to his hips.  I was going to call 911 and he wouldn’t let me because they would take him to Parkview and he’s been there too many times.  Every time he goes they start from scratch (which of course they have to do) and never get any results.  They usually end up making things worse because they start changing his medications around and also they are the ones who gave him the Dilaudid that put him in a semi-coma for weeks.  He said the only hospital he would go to is the University Hospital in Denver because that’s where he’s being treated and they have all his records, etc. etc.

Last night I had to help him to the bathroom several times.  His legs were kind of floppy so it wasn’t easy but we did it without him falling. 

This morning he says he has lots of rib pain, as well as the numbness in the legs.

So I got on the phone to a patient advocate that I met up at the university and she works for the top oncologist at the University (he’s our oncologist’s boss) and she told him what was going on and he said Marshall should get to the nearest emergency room immediately.  Marshall said the only emergency room he would go to is the University’s.  So this wonderful patient advocate (her name is Wendy) is driving all the way down here to pick him up and get him up there.  That way I can spend the night here, get myself calmed down, take care of the animals, and get all packed to drive up there tomorrow.

Wendy also had the weekend on-call oncologist give me a call and he said he would prefer that Marshall go to the nearest hospital to us because he thinks this is an emergency situation but if Marshall comes up to Denver, that’s okay, too.  He said the quicker they can diagnose what’s going on, the quicker they can maybe do something.  He thought there was a possibility some radiation could be done to the lower spine that might alleviate everything that’s going on.  But of course he was just “supposing.”  We should know more tomorrow.  I think Marshall may have already had radiation to the spine and I don't think they can do it twice, but we'll find out.

He still has scans scheduled for Tuesday, but everything should be taken over by the hospital now rather than outpatient.  At least I hope so.

I will try to leave here tomorrow morning around 8:30 so I should be at the hospital by noon.  I will post information as it happens.

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