Friday, June 22, 2012

Dabbling in Retail Again

Marshall and I (and our friend Janel McGuire) have decided to dabble in retail again.  Especially since when we left The Spotted Pig we still had a lot of inventory left.

A new shop is opening called The Marketplace Shops (731 Main Street, Canon City, CO).  It is going to be darling with outside seating for people who want to just visit, as well as inside seating and iced lemon water available on these hot summer days.  The shop will be arranged with "streets" and street signs.  Our shop will be 102 Main Street.  Baskets of flowers will hang along the "streets."

This store is in the old downtown area of Canon City which has a lot of traffic and Canon City, of course, is a huge tourist area (Royal Gorge, fly fishing, white water rafting, camping...).

The three of us spent today building out our booth and we'll spend the next two weeks putting product in the booth.  The Grand Opening will be July 6th!  If you are in the area, please stop by.  There will even be an official ribbon cutting at 4PM.  After that, our presence at the shop won't really be necessary except to spiff up our booth and add new stuff.  Marshall will probably be selling fishing gear and knives and maybe baseball hats and more and I will be selling jewelry, notecards, postcards, knitted items, etc., things that I love to make in my "hobby" time.  And Janel makes the most gorgeous things out of recycled denim and old horseshoes.

Marshall stayed fairly energetic all day today, resting when necessary.  The three of us had a great time.

We are calling ourselves Two Chicks and A Hick.  This will be fun.  And when Marshall gets his Harley back, he can ride over there and check the store out frequently.  The owner of the store is from the West Virginia area and she and Marshall have tall tales to tell!  I don't think she knows what she's getting herself into.....
Marshall bringing in supplies.

Marshall and Janel sharing a drill.

Janel reloading.

Janel begging for the drill.


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