Wednesday, August 10, 2016


When I got back from Ohio I bought a fairly expensive, large and heavy ramp to help me get the motorcycle out of the garage without dragging the low-sitting pipes at the curb.  The ramp arrived and even though it weighs 100 pounds I was able to use a dolly to get the ramp out to the curb and set it in place.  Then I was able to back the motorcycle out of the garage and over the ramp successfully.  I even took it for a very short ride and then was able to get it back into the garage and get the ramp up on the dolly and back in the garage.

I'm not sure this is I something I will want to keep doing but I will give it a year.  Making decisions about that bike will be very very difficult.  I can't even conceive of selling it because it is so very personal to Marshall and his Vietnam service and the unit he was in.  And if I did sell it, how could I be sure that the new owner would respect it the way Marshall intended.  Lots of food for thought.

I have been in Westcliffe all this week handling some of the paperwork for the sale of my house.  And getting the house ready for the inspection.  I spent Monday and Tuesday cleaning all the appliances and making sure they all work (running the washer and dryer and dishwasher, checking the refrigerator, little odds and ends).  Today I left the house early because they didn't want me here for the inspection.  Went to breakfast with friends and then more paperwork at the courthouse and then lunch with friends and then back home.  I'm not sure when I will get the inspector's report.

It is so bittersweet being here at the house Marshall and I loved so much.  I am drinking in all of the magnificent views out here because I won't have access to them much longer.  Funny how you take things for granted until they are going away.  I see Marshall everywhere I turn and I keep having these little crying spells.  Hard to believe in a few short weeks I won't ever see this house again and it's even harder -- still -- to believe Marshall is gone.

Some neighbors stopped by to tell me that a family (mama and 2 babies) of mountain lions are living not too far behind my garage.  The neighbors are holding these mountain lions responsible for the disappearance of quite a few pets lately.  One of the neighbors saw the mama and babies but the others mostly just saw footprints.  I'm sure glad I don't have a dog right now, it would make me a little nervous.  I guess that's why my game camera showed a mountain lion in front of my house -- it's home to them this season.

And I had a little learning experience today.  I brought my iPhone, my iPad and my laptop with me. I was pretty sure they would all be useless back here in the mountains.  Well, it turned out that the 4G is all of a sudden working back here so I was able to use the iPad and iPhone.  My laptop doesn't have 4G so I couldn't get online with it.

However, I played around a little and saw something on the iPad settings called HotSpot.  I had always wondered what that was.  Well, guess what!  I enabled HotSpot on the iPad and was then able to use it as a Wi-Fi connection for the laptop.  Incredible.  I think that's the best little learning experience I have had in a very long time.

Tomorrow I head back up to Denver.  Hopefully whatever the inspection report shows won't require that I turn around and come right back.

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