Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back Home

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening in Westcliffe walking around the house remembering the 13 years Marshall and I spent there.  We sure enjoyed that house and that wonderfully remote location.  Then I sat on the deck and looked at the magnificent views.

My last days in this house ....

Views to die for -- off the back deck:

Then last night around 1:00AM I heard a bunch of noises outside and I didn't have the nerve to go outside and see what it was.  It's funny that when Marshall was there, even though he couldn't even get out of bed, I felt safe and it didn't bother me at all to go outside to check on a noise.  But all by myself???  Can't do it.  I know the bears are everywhere trying to get fattened up and ready for hibernation, so it was probably a bear.  But I'll never know.  So I turned all the lights on and sat up until I couldn't keep my eyes open any more.  So even though in broad daylight I look around and don't want to leave this beautiful place, when night-time comes I know I can't live here by myself.

This morning I got all packed and ready to leave Westcliffe and head back to Thornton.  A friend of mine came over to help me go through the garage and try to dispose of some of the stuff that's left.  While he was there we had an altercation (yes, another one) with my neighbor.  Another reason to get out of this place.  That guy creeps me out.

So I got home (to Thornton) today around 4:00 and hugged my boys.  Very glad to be here.  The Westcliffe house was inspected yesterday so now I wait to get the results of the inspection.  Wait-wait-wait....  As we all know, just because I have a contract doesn't mean it's all sewed up....

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