Friday, August 19, 2016

Fun weekend

First of all, it appears that my house sale is progressing nicely.  The inspection has been done and they only came up with one item they want me to deal with (getting the septic inspected) and I certainly don't blame them.  So everything is looking good.

I am spending this weekend in a "cottage" on the golf course at the Castle Pines Golf Club.  I don't know how they can call this a cottage, it is bigger than any house I've ever had, but it is so idyllic and calming.

I am attending the annual fundraiser that the Bartlits have for the Denver Dumb Friends League (animal rescue).  This will be my first year attending this without Marshall and it just points out many more things that I counted on him for.  He always did the driving and I never paid any attention, so I had trouble navigating through the golf course to find the check-in for the cottages.  Sheesh....  But I'm here and it is gorgeous as usual.  And I have to start learning to live without Marshall...

Tonight there will be a relatively small dinner at the Golf Club and before dinner there will be a demonstration put on by a group that rescues large birds (Eagles, owls, Hawks, etc.).  For those of you who have seen Marshall's favorite photo of himself with the eagle on his shoulder, that photo was taken at this function several years ago when they featured Eagles.  This year I think is going to focus on owls.

Then tomorrow night is the huge fundraiser with silent auctions and live auctions and then dinner.  The entertainment after dinner will be Diana Ross.  Every year they raise a very large sum of money to help animals, a cause near and dear to my heart.

More later.

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