Saturday, January 9, 2016


I have finally gotten to a point where I believe I will be totally packed by the 18th.  I had doubts for a while.  I am now up to 175 boxes.   I need to explain, though, that the boxes I'm using are rather small.  Since it's just me doing this, the boxes had to be a size I could handle.  We are getting there.

Yesterday I had a full day of AWFUL atrial fibrillation episodes.  I came very close to fainting twice, just close enough that I dropped to the floor just in case.  But I didn't actually faint.  It felt terrible.  I called my friend/neighbor Cathy to see if she could watch the animals if Ihad to call 911 and she was available.  But I didn't need to call for help.  I worry SO much about what will happen to the animals if something happens to me....  I feel like this is all caused by stress but since I can't seem to get rid of the stress, I am taking advantage of the Ativan and it seems to be helping, too.

I called my cardiologist and she said I am due to wear a heart monitor again and she will put in the orders for that.  She also told me to double my medications to see if that helped.  And she also said that this indicates that my Afib is becoming resistant to treatment and surgery may definitely be in my future.  I'll worry about that after I am moved.

I spoke to my lifelong friend Donna (in St. Louis) and she volunteered to come out here and be with me during the surgery if and when that happens.  That is such a relief.  God bless you, Donna.

I doubled my medication and I am feeling a million times better. I hope it holds.  And I hope that getting settled and calmed down will have an effect on this whole Afib thing.

So if the weather is good to me, the moving will happen January 18 and 19.  My neighbor Dave (Cathy's husband) has volunteered to check on the house every few days after I leave.  I will shut down the well pump and unplug the refrigerator so that there is not so much drain on the solar panels.  And Pat, the guy who installed the solar system says he will check on things, too.  I am so lucky to have a network of such good and generous friends!

Someone was supposed to come and look at the house today but they didn't show.  It was probably due to the snow we got last night.  I have my fingers crossed...

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