Monday, January 11, 2016

This was a happy day

I started out this day expecting it to be a real downer.

*Yesterday I realized my drivers license was going to expire in a few days.  I tried to do it online like I always do but I got a message saying I needed to come in person.  That made me nervous.

*Coco had to go to the vet today to check up on the status of his kidney failure and his liver functioning.

*I needed to go to Office Depot to get more boxes and they are kind of expensive.

*I started a higher dose of my heart pills and wasn't sure what today would bring.

*I had to pick up my prescriptions at Walgreens using my VA Pharmacy card for the first time.

*I had to try to be home by 4:00 for a UPS delivery of two night stands that I ordered for the new house.

Well, here's how the day went:

**I went to the DMV and the reason they wanted me to come in person was because I was now over 70 and I needed a vision test. Whew!

**The vet ran blood work on Coco and gave me the good news that his kidney failure has reversed and, even better, his liver function is 100% better than it was.  That just made my day.  Coco has been  -- and is -- my sanity.

**I went to Office Depot and my boxes were 50% off.

**I had a really good day in the Afib department -- no episodes at all and I felt really good, almost normal.

**I picked up my prescriptions at Walgreens and gave them my VA Pharmacy card and they took it!! My copay was only $20.  (Thank you, Jim and Char, for encouraging me not to give up on the VA insurance.)

**And even though I didn't get home until 4:30 the UPS guy had left the night stands on the patio.

It's almost scary but could this day have been any better?

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