Sunday, August 3, 2014

A great weekend

We went up to Fred and Jana's for the weekend. Friday night was their annual fundraiser for the Dumb Friends League. The entertainment was Kacey Musgraves and it was a great event. They raised a TON of money for animals. They, of course, had a bunch of animals there for adoption and one of the kittens tugged at Marshall's heart. (A very old friend of Marshall's named Jerry died last week and this kitten was named Jerry and cuddled right up to Marshall's shoulder and purred, so there was no question that kitten was going to come home with us!) This photo is in the car on the way home today.

Then on Saturday night they had a dinner at the Castle Pines Golf Club and they brought in a bird rescue group to show us some of the birds they have rescued and take around the state to do demonstrations. They had some gorgeous owls, hawks and eagles. Marshall wanted another photo of an eagle on his shoulder but this time with the eagle's wings spread, so the lady handling the eagle took Marshall to a private spot and made this photo happen. How cool is this!

I'll try to post a few owl photos tomorrow. It was incredible to be so up close and personal with these gorgeous birds.

Wednesday we go up to the hospital for Marshall's next visit to the dentist.  And Friday is his visit to the dermatologist, so while we had a little break in doctor visits, they were still waiting in the wings...

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