Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tomorrow starts our "ugly" week

We head back to Denver tomorrow morning for a stressful week.

Tuesday Marshall gets all the scans (bone scan and CT scan).

Wednesday morning he goes to the Audiology Department of the VA to try to get new hearing aids.  Then Wednesday afternoon back at the dentist for more fine tuning of the dentures.

Thursday at noon is lab work.  Then at 1:00 he sees the oncologist who will give us the results of the scans and the lab work and discuss any changes in treatment, if necessary,

Please send good thoughts our way -- this will be a very tough week for Marshall.  The "anticipation" depression started setting in a few days ago...

I will update Thursday night or Friday.

I should mention that this kitten we got (Jerry) now has the whole household wrapped around his little paws.  He and our other cat play together for hours.  The Sheltie sleeps most of the time so he is oblivious.  The dachshund snuggles up with Jerry and they nap together.  And Jerry sleeps with Marshall at night.

When he's not napping, he whizzes through the house like a lightning bolt and plays with ANYTHING (shoes, table legs, rugs, water bottles, you name it).  He is absolutely delightful.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the coolest thing that happened today: we were watching TV and a bear walked by our patio.  He glanced in the window and kept on walking.  Then he came back and walked up the ramp to the front door!!  He looked around and then walked away.  It was so cool.

We called our neighbors to alert them to the fact that there's a bear in the neighborhood and he had already been to Gina's house and was on their deck, too.

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