Thursday, May 8, 2014

VA came out to measure for wheelchair ramp

The VA sent two guys out on Monday to measure for a ramp. They said it would probably be a few weeks before they would come back to install it.

Then Tuesday we received a big box with some of the other things the VA promised: raised toilet seat, grip bars to use in the other bathroom, handheld shower wand, and a few other items that are supposed to help Marshall get dressed since he can't bend over. A long thingie that helps put socks on and off, another long thingie that helps put clothes on and off, a long shoehorn, stretchy shoelaces that never need to be untied, a long-handled sponge. etc. They are kind of funny to look at and there will probably be a little giggling involved when he tries to get used to using these things. (He does not really need most of them now, but we want to be prepared for possible future needs...)

Then some sad news -- a fellow prostate cancer patient that Marshall has been talking to weekly -- is losing his battle with the cancer. He went into hospice this past week and we talked to his wife today and he is fading fast. Marshall will really miss him. They had some wonderful long talks and shared their cancer journeys. Very depressing.

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