Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The VA keeps surprising us

We are still getting packages from the VA. In the past two weeks we received a raised toilet seat and a wheelchair (in anticipation of a time when Marshall may need a wheelchair). We are still waiting to hear from them with regard to extra money for "aid and attendance" (to help pay people who can help around the house) and for my application for health insurance (which I am entitled to through Marshall's 100% disability rating). But things are moving along.

We finally found someone to clean house. She came last week and spent two days doing "spring cleaning" and now she will come back every two weeks. How wonderful that is!

Yesterday we got a call from the specialist pharmacy that provides Marshall's cancer drug, Zytiga. The Zytiga costs about $5,000 a month and our co-pay for the past year has been $166 a month. Well, they told us yesterday that they wanted to offer to put us on their savings plan where our co-pay would only be $10 a month. She asked me if I was interested. I asked her if there was any reason I wouldn't want to do that and she said no reason that she could think of (duh). So she put in the application and if we don't hear otherwise, next month we will only pay $10 instead of $166. That was great news.

On June 5 we head to Ohio for 5 days for Marshall's 50th high school class reunion. This will be the first time we have flown anywhere with Marshall's huge amount of medications, so I'll be a little nervous but it will be good to see how it is handled before we go to Europe in September.

When we get back on the 10th, we will spend the night in Denver so we can go to Marshall's dental appointment on the 11th and start the process for new dentures to see if they can be made in a way that he can wear them without pain.

That's it for today.

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