Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Today was Coco's dental surgery. We had to get up at 5AM in order to get to the vet by 7:30AM. And we didn't want to drive all the way home just to go back to pick him up at 4:30 so we bummed around Canon City all day. Marshall's energy level stayed good until around 2:30 or 3:00 so that's good.

We did something we've been wanting to do for a while. We drove Skyline Drive -- a very scary one-lane narrow road that sits high above the city. My heart was in my throat.

Marshall is still having stomach problems and has been throwing up more than usual. I can handle almost anything that comes along with regard to his health but I just can't handle the throwing up. Just can't do it.

On another note, we have had several meetings with the VA concerning what kind of help they can provide to Marshall.

First, there is something called Aid & Attendance, where they would send someone out on a regular basis to help with house cleaning and chores. However, they tell us that no one will come to Westcliffe because it is so remote. But the social worker said in cases where they can't send someone, they provide a monthly amount of money so that the caregiver can hire whoever she wants. We have applied for that and are waiting for the response.

The next thing they will provide is any type of equipment Marshall may need as time goes on (walker, canes, a ramp, oxygen, etc.). We are meeting with them on Friday concerning this benefit.

And they have informed Marshall that he is now considered 100% permanently disabled. Last year they didn't want to award him the "permanent" part because they said he might be cured. They have now agreed that his cancer is not curable and he is considered permanently disabled.

This is important because once they award the "permanent" disability, that means I am entitled to benefits (like health insurance). Also, if he should die before me, I am entitled to a portion of his monthly disability check. And they also gave him a free no-premium $10,000 life insurance policy. So he has made progress with the VA.

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