Sunday, April 27, 2014

The meeting with the VA

Friday morning was our meeting with the Occupational Therapy department of the VA. At the last minute, Marshall had nausea (and everything that goes with it) and he couldn't go. So I went to this meeting by myself.

The girl I met with was very nice and when our meeting was over with, she had promised us the following:
Manual wheelchair
Grab bars for the shower
Seat for the shower
Handheld shower
Toilet riser
Support bars for the toilet
Life Alert subscription
Dressing Kit -- this one was really cool. Since Marshall can't bend over, the items in this kit help with putting socks on and off and putting pants on and off, a long-handled sponge to use in the shower and a long handled shoehorn.

I think that's it. These things are supposed to start arriving in two to three weeks, so we'll see. We are still waiting to hear whether or not we are approved for the monthly allowance to hire help.

And with regard to Marshall's nausea, we are trying something a little different. The cancer pills that he has to take in the morning have to be taken on an empty stomach and he can't eat for an hour after taking them. They are pretty toxic and we are thinking that maybe they are causing him to be sick. (DUH..)

So we are going to try an experiment. I get up about 3 hours before he does, so I am going to wake him up to take the cancer pills and then let him go back to sleep. Then when he does get up, he can immediately take his Prilosec and then 30 minutes after that he can take his Prednisone with food. We tried that this morning and it went well. At least it went well until around 2:00 this afternoon when he got sick again.

He has NO appetite in the morning so it's all he can do to get down a piece of toast and glass of milk so that he can take the prednisone. And then he is not hungry until late afternoon, which means he goes for 6 or 7 hours without eating. So I'm thinking that maybe he needs to get more food in his stomach during the day, even if it's small amounts. So tomorrow we'll do the same morning routine of giving him the pills early and letting him sleep, etc., and then we'll make sure he eats something every few hours.

Wouldn't it be great if this new routine cut out all this nausea and throwing up? I'm not sure who would be happier about that.....him or me....

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