Sunday, April 13, 2014

A pretty quiet week

This has been a quiet week, no emergencies, no pain, everyone in the house is doing well. I can handle this!

Marshall had his regular visit with the primary care physician on Thursday and all is well.

Marshall's frame of mind has been much better, so we assume the Venlafaxine is working, along with the oxygen.

I forgot to mention that we did talk to the nurse practitioner about Marshall's possible GERD (if he bends over he gets really sick and he has a pain in the middle of his chest). She said he could talk to his primary care doctor about maybe getting some tests done but in the meantime Marshall should continue on the Prilosec.

We are not giving up on the possibility of finding a dentist who can maybe make some new dentures that will accommodate the bone issue in his mouth. Most dentists are afraid to touch him because he has been taking Xgeva (a bone strengthener) that has a possibility of causing a serious jaw problem. In the meantime, he can only put his teeth in when he is eating or when he needs to be "pretty"! So many things to adjust to.

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