Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vanity Plates

I got Marshall some vanity plates for the trike -- STNGER -- so here's a copy of the back of the bike with the new plates.  I have not yet been able to take any pictures that will do justice to this bike, but hopefully tomorrow.  You can see the gatling gun tailpipes and you can sort of see the AC119 gunship on the left fender firing on targets, and the survivor pictures on the right fender and the Eagle guarding the United States on the top trunk, but not good enough. 

Yesterday we bought a trailer for the bike so that he can get the bike from our house to town without ruining the paint job with rocks.  The trailer is pretty nice -- it has a skylight/vent in the top and lots of lights.  And since Marshall was riding the motorcycle back home, it was my job to pull the trailer back.  That was a little scary since I hadn't pulled a trailer in lots of years.  But it was easier than I was anticipating and we made it!

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