Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday - Reunion Activities

Today we were up at dark-thirty so that we could get breakfast before our excursion to Hurlburt Air Force Base so that we could visit with today's version of the 18th SOS Squadron. The young men who "volunteered" to babysit us today were awesome. They sent two Air Force buses over to the hotel to pick us up and take us to the base.
They had set up a room where they could brief our guys on some of the new and exciting things going on with the latest aircraft and fire power. Next, they transported us over to the flight line where they had a C130 gunship ready for us to board and inspect and had personnel there to answer questions. You will see Marshall standing next to a REAL Gatling Gun.

After that, we watched an awesome historical video that they had taken several months to put together. Then they had a Q&A session and answered all questions our guys had.
When the Q&A was finished, they took us out to the patio where they prepared lunch for us (hot dogs, chips, soda and beer) and then we were transported to a park where lots of planes were on display. We had a short memorial for those who did not make it back from Viet Nam.
After being out in this heat all morning, we were all ready to get on the air conditioned buses and come back to the hotel.
Back at the hotel, the photographer from the base stopped by to take photos of Marshall's bike. And it's been great to see all the guys attending the reunion oohing and aahing over the bike and taking pictures of it.

Now a short rest before tonight's Meet & Greet.
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