Saturday, September 3, 2016

Things to do in Thornton

A few weeks ago I got a booklet from the City of Thornton filled with things to do in Thornton for the rest of the year.

Last night I went through the book and found a whole bunch of things that I think I might enjoy trying (beginners' yoga, line dancing, guitar lessons, movies, one-on-one strength training, horseback riding, crafts, festivals, volunteer work, and on and on).  I made my list and today I went out to locate all of the places where these things are taking place (or, in the case of horseback riding, etc., where the group meets) and today I drove around to locate all those places.

A lot of things happen (or start) at the Thornton Senior Center (I don't want to be old enough to go to a senior center, but it is what it is).  Then there's the Art & Culture Center and the Carpenter Recreational Center and the Thornton Community Center.  All of these places except the Community Center were closed today because of the holiday weekend, but at least I now know where they all are.  I actually had the courage to go into the Community Center and ask some questions.  Doing things by myself is a big deal these days.  Found out that the Community Center mostly caters to children so I was able to mark it off my list.

This coming week I'll be in Westcliffe on Tuesday/Wednesday to spend one last night at my house.  Both the buyer and I had to sign an extension agreement so things are a little tentative right now. And I bought the buyer a bottle of champagne to put in the fridge.

When I get back I'll start getting signed up for some of the activities I mentioned.

Mia's potty training is progressing.  Slowly.  According to the trainer, I am going to have to start putting her in her crate and both she and I are going to HATE that.  So it will be to her benefit to figure this out quickly.

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