Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beautiful Sunday....

Today is just a gorgeous day here in the mountains. I think I'll go to the mall. It's 60 miles away, but I think I'll go anyway.

My eye is doing better each day. On my followup visit to the doctor, they took the left lens out of my glasses to see if that would help me and I was still adjusting, so that didn't really help. But this morning I put those glasses on and tried again and I think they will do the trick until I can get new glasses. So everything is progressing nicely.

Marshall's visit to the Cancer Center on Thursday went well. We saw the Nurse Practitioner (I think I told you that we don't see the oncologist any more ... he has put us in the hands of his Nurse Practitioner and we will only see him if there are problems -- let's hope we never see him again).

She did lab work and said that all of Marshall's tests are good. His alkaline phosphate (phosphatase??) gets lower every time. I have no idea what that is, but she said that (1) it means his PSA is likely continuing to go down; and (2) his bones are doing good. Excellent news.

So he headed off on his trip. Today he is at my daughter's house in St. Louis. He expects to get to his sister's in Ohio on Monday. He is having a great time. And so am I. It's a win-win.

He and Tricia were out and about and came across the mascot for St. Louis' KSHE Radio. I understand his name is Sweet Meat??

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