Tuesday, April 30, 2013

45 days -- enjoying life

At some point I will stop counting the days.  But it's now been 45 days of no pain and feeling good and getting out and enjoying life.

Marshall's daughter was here this past weekend and they went to Cripple Creek for the day on Saturday.  Tanya had never been to a casino so they had a fun time.

Saying goodbye at airport
And some fun news -- A friend of ours is a photographer and has asked Marshall if he could photograph Marshall with his trike for a possible publication in the Harley Davidson magazine "HOG."  He believes the unique paint job on the trike, as well as Marshall's story, will make for a good article.  So last week they met at dawn (yawn) for the first session.  They hope to finish it up this week.
Photo Shoot #1

Photo Shoot #2

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