Saturday, April 13, 2013

28 days of no pain

Things are going so normally that I forget all about this blog. That's a good thing.

Marshall continues to feel good and he's been out every day enjoying life.
The only side effects he has been having are hot flashes (which he's been having all along), fatigue (which isn't nearly as bad as it was), and restless leg.

The oncologist's office called a day or two ago to tell him to start taking Vitamin B6 -- his levels are very low. So we went and got a bottle of it. (It's possible that a Vitamin B6 deficiency can cause restless leg, so maybe we will get rid of that problem in the coming days.) Also, until his calcium levels come back up he will not be getting his bone strengthening injection.

He is starting to look into various bike shows this summer so he can sign up and start getting that Harley entered into some of them.

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