Monday, March 25, 2013

The Scooter Store has gone out of business!!!

Marshall got his power chair from The Scooter Store.  I then ordered several hundred dollars worth of ramps.  I waited three weeks and they didn't come and The Scooter Store didn't respond to my emails and they didn't respond to voicemails.

Today Marshall finally reached someone in Customer Care and they told Marshall that The Scooter Store is basically now out of business.  They have laid off a lot of people and the only department that was going to remain running was the service department.

They said they would forward my request for a refund to their refund department but does anyone think I'll actually see that $250 again?

I paid them through PayPal so I thought I could go to PayPal for help but, oh no, it appears that buying from a PayPal Verified Seller doesn't really mean much.  I have to submit a complaint and wait 45 days for the Seller to reply (since they are out of business that means I'm just waiting 45 days for nothing).  Then I can file a claim with PayPal and they basically go through the same thing and it could take two to three months to even get a response from PayPal as to their final decision with regard to the claim.  I don't have high hopes of getting my money back.

So in the future I won't be using PayPal to pay for anything other than eBay purchases.

PS:  Marshall is still pain free and we had another great day.

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