Friday, March 30, 2012

At home for 28 days

We did come home yesterday.  (Marshall rested a little bit and then felt like making the trip -- he even drove the whole way!)  It felt so NORMAL!  But by the time we got home he had a lot of pain at the two injection sites where the Firmagon was administered and there was a lot of fatigue, so he went to bed early.  And without a catheter!  I know he was happy to see that catheter go, but I think I was even more happy!  He goes back to Anschutz on April 30 for another injection.

Our animals were so glad to see us after spending the night alone for the first time (they are so spoiled) and we were definitely glad to see them.  Dave and Cathy, our neighbors, pampered them a lot during the day while we were gone.  Such a relief.

This morning he still has injection pain, but he is resting.

I found an online chat room last night with men who have prostate cancer who are being treated with Firmagon and who are doing very well and who are willing to deal with the side effects (injection pain, fatigue, weight gain, developing breasts --  which they are calling "moobs" for Man Boobs) and it was actually fun reading.  They referred to the injections as feeling like being hit with a Mack Truck so every time they go for another injection they say they are getting their Mack Attack.  I think Marshall will enjoy this chat room when he feels better.

Tanya arrives this evening so I will be driving to Colorado Springs to pick her up.  While she's here I hope to do some much-needed self maintenance:  hair cut, manicure, pedicure, etc.....  Looking forward to that.

So today looks like it will be a very good day.  (Oops, forget what I just said -- he is having bone pain now and needed another Percocet, maybe the day will not be the good day I was hoping for...)  :(

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