Friday, July 22, 2016

One Year Anniversary of Marshall's Death

I wasn't sure how I was going to handle my emotions today but it turned out to actually be a fun day.

Marshall's favorite nephew, Kevin, drove to Ohio from Minnesota with his wife and new baby.  Kevin is a kook so we did a lot of laughing and Kevin spearheaded an afternoon cavalcade to various spots in North Baltimore to scatter ashes.  (As an aside, Kevin has Minnesota plates and I have Colorado plates -- I was half expecting someone to call the police because we were behaving suspiciously...)

I had brought Marshall's well-used motorcycle boots with me and we decided that we would put the boots in every spot where we scattered ashes and photograph them.

First stop was Marshall's sister Audrey's house.  He spent many a day sitting on her deck, so we spread some ashes under the deck.

Second stop was the high school.  The high school is brand new and is not the physical school that Marshall attended so it was basically symbolic.  The school's mascot is a tiger and they have a huge beautiful tiger painted on the road on the entrance to the school.

Then we went to the spot where Marshall's high school used to be -- it is now a car dealership but they still have a small part of the school entry on one corner.
From there we went to the football field.  Marshall had told Kevin that if possible he'd like to have some of his ashes scattered at the 50-yard line.  Well, the football field had a fence around it, so Kevin climbed the fence and I threw the boots over the fence to him and he went out to the 50-yard line and took some pictures of the boots and scattered some ashes.  He took some pictures but he hasn't sent them to me yet.

And our last stop was Louie McGuire's house -- one of Marshall's high school buddies.  The house is empty now, but we went to the back yard and scattered some ashes and took a picture of the boots.

We went back to Audrey's house to regroup and cool down -- it is SOOOO hot and humid here.  We went to the cemetery at 7:30 and had a beautiful ceremony.  Audrey had arranged for the pastor to say a few words and the Honor Guard from the American Legion was there to do a 21-gun salute and play Taps.  It was very very nice and very moving (and still, very hot and humid).  There were about 20 people there and they all helped to scatter the ashes.  I was so hot I was getting close to fainting, so I had to get to the car and get the air conditioner going.  But it was really a beautiful ceremony. Marshall would have loved it.


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